New Drug Approvals

Today when this blog has taken 10,000 views across 100 countries in 2 months, I take this opportunity to update any one needing information on transverse myletis, one in a million ailment, which I am going through myself , will give self support to any one approaching on mail, person or phone


call me in India, +91 9323115463


Paralysis head to toe, from DEC 2007 TILL TODAY MAR 2013. poor recovery, hands ok , head ok and miraculously all organs ok, diabetic and medical attention needed for that

on a wheel chair

bowel zero, all sensation zero below neck

plus points

motivation unmatched, sleep 5 hrs, office work 7 hrs, computer or ipad 6 hrs


special care

control blood thickness, avoid vein thrombosis, stretch limbs physically using help,try more exercises on bed, avoid fever, try antibiotics quickly in iv format, keep tight control…

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