New Drug Approvals

Treprostinil (marketed under the trade names Remodulin for infusion and Tyvaso for inhalation) is a synthetic analog of prostacyclin (PGI2).

Treprostinil sodium, Uniprost, LRX-15, U-62840, UT-15, BW-15AU, 15AU81, Remodulin

289480-64-4, 81846-19-7 (free acid

During the 1960s a U.K. research team, headed by Professor John Vane began to explore the role of prostaglandins in anaphylaxis and respiratory diseases. Working with a team from the Royal College of Surgeons, Vane discovered that aspirin and other oral anti-inflammatory drugs worked by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins. This finding opened the door to a broader understanding of the role of prostaglandins in the body.


Vane and a team from the Wellcome Foundation had identified a lipid mediator they called “PG-X,” which inhibited platelet aggregation. PG-X, which later would become known as prostacyclin, was 30 times more potent than any other known anti-aggregatory agent.

By 1976, Vane and fellow researcher Salvador Moncada published the first paper on prostacyclin, in the scientific…

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