CHINESE HERBS Panax ginseng

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Panax ginseng

Panax ginseng

The extract of the Chinese root Panax ginseng and the North American Panax quinquefolius contains as its putative active constituents a large group of ginsenosides, four-ring glycosides. Anecdotal reports in the scientific literature suggest that Ginseng can improve sexual dysfunction such as anorgasmia and decreased libido in patients taking antidepressants. Ginsenosides facilitate the release of nitric oxide in endothelial tissue of rabbit corpus cavernosum, a step in the events leading to erection. This property may have promise for women, as the biochemical process of erection is the same in the clitoris. Multiple orgasmic response has also been described with this Chinese herbal.

Ginseng is one the best known and widely prescribed herbs in Chinese medicine as a general adaptogenic and restorative tonic. Adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng are especially useful in debilitated persons suffering from exhaustion, fatigue, liver disease, stress and wasting from chronic disease. Unfortunately, the fameā€¦

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