Welcome to Bioinfomedical.com

New Drug Approvals


Dr. Rafael B. Boritzer

Prof. Dr. Rafael Boritzer

P.O.Box 88355, Honolulu, Hawaii 96830 U.S.A.



we are marketers of non-branded recombinant proteins with a primary mission of high quality, low priced material for encouraging biopharma research and development outside of North America. We try to integrate our supply services with education of our clients’ with industry videos and information.

Welcome to Bioinfomedical.com

BioInfoMedical was established in 1989 by a team of experienced medical specialists, world-known scientists and marketing professionals. The company has two operating divisions:

InfoMedical Biotechnology and InfoMedical Consulting.

InfoMedical Biotechnology provides products and services used in gene, protein and cell research, drug discovery and development, as well as in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

InfoMedical Consulting assists companies in strategic market expansion, industry research, environmental analysis, and developing successful market plans for worldwide business-winners.

We are proud to serve our customers around the globe. Our clients are: academic research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical…

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