Ipilimumab – Yervoy Battles Melanoma, but Can It Become a Blockbuster?

New Drug Approvals



by Todd Campbell, The Motley Fool Sep 28th 2013 1:00PM
Updated Sep 28th 2013 1:02PM

In early 2011, the Food and Drug Administration approved Bristol-Myers Squibb‘s  drug Yervoy as a treatment for skin cancer melanoma. The drug marked the first approved treatment proven to extend the life of a person diagnosed with the disease. It marked a big leap forward in medicine as an early leader in immunotherapy, or the unleashing of the body’s immune system on cancer.

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Ipilimumab’s molecular target is CTLA-4 (Uniprot: P16410canSAR ; PFAM: P16410), a negative regulator of T-cell activation. Ipilimumab augments T-cell activation and proliferation by binding to CTLA-4 and preventing its interaction with its ligands (CD80 and CD86). CTLA-4 is a membrane-bound, 223 amino acid long, T-cell protein. It contains an immunoglobulin V-type domain (PFAM:PF07686). The structure of CTLA-4 is…

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